Cardano CLEAN Stake Pool

Delegate with the Cardano CLEAN Stake Pool and help to support the decentralized, crowd sourced, collection, and dissemination of water pollution data.

Delegate with CLEAN and help keep water safe for future generations

Proceeds from the stake pool margin go to supporting our efforts to build a global water testing army.

Help Us SaveThe World

Proceeds from the stake pool margin will go to building a global decentralized water pollution data platform; with the aim to hold governments and industry accountable for water pollution by collecting and testing water sources and publishing test results.

Earn and Contribute

Make a difference in the world by staking with us. A portion of the rewards generated by our pool will go to support our efforts to keep water safe for future generations by building a decentralized water pollution data repository powered by blockchain technology.


Fully secure, fully redundant. Implementing all stake pool operational best practices for security and administration.


Our pool is fully scalable and is designed to grow to meet the needs of tomorrow's requirements.


Our pool's data centers are powered by over 90% renewable energy with a goal to achieve 100% by 2025.


Our technical team has managed enterprise systems across a wide range of industries since the inception of the modern internet.

Pool Metrics

We are small but powerful and together with your help we can grow and change the world!

Pool Fixed Fee

₳345 /epoch
This amount is the minimum set by the Cardano network protocol parameter min_pool_cost. It  goes to cover the cost of keeping the stake pool up and running.

Pool Margin

3% / of pool rewards
This amount gets deducted from the pool rewards prior to distribution to our delegates and goes towards building a global water contamination data platform.

Saturation Level

The current pool saturation limit is defined in the Cardano network protocol parameters as 64 Million ADA. Our pool is shiny and new and thus our saturation level is low.


5000 ADA
While our initial pledge is small we will continue to add to it from the remaining balance of the pool fixed fee after pool costs are covered.
Need more Data Points or Team Members? Please contact us.

How To Stake

Delegate with the Daedalus Wallet

Delegate with the Yoroi Wallet

After you have downloaded and installed the Yoroi app on your smartphone, open it and click on the Add Wallet button

Click on the Create Wallet button

Enter your Wallet name
Enter a spending password
(Be sure you write this down somewhere)
Reenter your spending password

Click on the I Understand button

Click on the Yes, I Have Written IT Down button

Click on the wallet you just created

Click on the GO TO STAKING CENTER button

Enter Clean in the search box
Change the Sort by to Ticker
Click on the green search button
Select the CLEAN Stake Pool

Click on the DELEGATE button

You have completed the staking process when you see this screen.